Stupid Trends and Challenges.

Hey. So today i was just surfing internet when i turned my attention to what has been a trend in our social medias. No, i am not talking about politics stuff(omg trump won) nor am i  talking about the cool stuff (techcon). I am talking about that ridiculous stuff that shouldn’t be there on our timelines but instead not only it’s there, it is clogging it up like sand and drain. Yes the worst trends to occur in our lives.And by doing a simple search, i came across the worst trends we have that had been getting attention for bullshit reasons.

  1. Sonam Gupta Bewafa hai Trend : It’s so stupid. The recent Demonitization in India has caused the old currency noted to be changed for new ones. Some guy, who apparently had gotten unfaithfulness from this girl sonam gupta, wrote on a new currency note “Sonam gupta bewafa hai” (sonam gupta is unfaithful). And then the stupid trend came up. People began scribbling this on perfectly good pieces of currency. And then some guy had a brilliant idea to deface a foreign currency note with it. And lo and behold, we have this written on dollar, yens,nepalese rupee and south korean won.
    the first currency note describing “unfaithfulness”

      Image result for sonam gupta bewafa hai dollar

  2. Beat Pe booty challange : What it wanted was to draw attention to a particular movie (that later flopped horrible) What happened was that every actress worth her salt took it as a personal challenge to showcase her dancing skills and her awesome physique(cough cough….. figure). The result was every other actress had a few seconds of herself dancing and displaying their fine parts , ending with a smallish disclaimer of the movie.    Image result for beat pe booty challenge
  3. ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE :  Sometimes even when the higher purpose of something is sound, the way we do it makes it look stupid.And that what happened with this challenge. It was okay when celebrities did it because it helped in getting money for research. But our local guy taking the challenge and nominating others to do it doesn’t get sh*t for that cause.Image result for ice bucket challenge
  4.  Fire challenge :  Some things are okay. Some things are horrible. And then there are some things that have “Are You insane” written over them. One of the finest example: fire challenge. Involves putting yourself to fire with any inflamments. And the thing what happened was that they caused second and third degree burns to their bodies that could never be recuperated.


So people please stop doing this stupid things in the name of challenge and trends. Try the good stuff. You know Christmas is round the corner. Try doing something for your family and enjoy the Christmas spirit. You can read my post about christmas here :




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