Half the population, Literally all the Brains.

So one day i was standing at an Samsung store(oh i would love to say apple but i don’t have that kind of money) and was thinking of buying a new phone (p.s. this was before the galaxy fiesta. now i have opted for Redmi. less features but at least there is less chance of me becoming ghost rider whenever my phone rings.) and i was talking to the store manager. When talking about phones our conversation suddenly sidewarded to the new employee he has hired the other day and how much he liked her.(i know, i know. we both shared our pains of being despo brothers.) But then he said something that got me thinking. He said “The girl was the first salesgirl they had hired in last 9 months.” I asked how it was possible as there are many girls out there that needed jobs and samsung would have been paying quite much to turn attention of the prospective employees towards it. He said “Women in tech are still less than are actually thought of”. I got home and found that even when there has been a substantial increase in no of women in tech jobs, it is nowhere near what men already have. So i tried finding out what was the reason of that.Image result for women in tech funny

  1. Discrimination : Of course there’s a discrimination. “Men are generally suited for technical jobs” or “between a guy and a girl, a guy would always win in a tech war”. I don’t know why but these things have just settled in out society.Image result for women in tech funny
  2. Women themselves not knowing what to do : One big problem is that women just take it like an ill dosage the fact that there are less women in tech. They find the tech jobs less interesting,  they don;t think that they would be good at it and the last, there are so few women in tech. You see what’s happening there? because there are so few women in tech, women won’t join tech companies leading to further degrade in tech women percentage leading to more woman believing that tech jobs are not for women leading to further decrease. It’s a paradox.Image result for women in tech funny
  3. VC fundings: because of discrimination, less women would get VC funding for their startup and thus less women would further become VC leading to another paradox. (wheww.)Image result for venture capitalist funny
  4. Thinking that women cannot handle high leadership jobs : This is one of the reasons why there are so lee women CEO’s appointed as an outsider in any company.

So what do we do about it?

  1. Increase awareness, perhaps: We would have to increase awareness in women about how a tech job would help in their resumes and what effects would be on their careers.Image result for women in tech funny
  2. Stop forcing women to join tech jobs : i know this point is in contrast to everything that i have written above but think for a moment. Women themselves don’t want to enter this community. I would be totally fine working in a man’s world. But this is what was for so many years when women began demanding rights to vote and right to equality. So have confidence that with time, women would see sense and would themself push themselves to go out there and make it happen.

Image result for women in tech funny


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