Mornings at our School.

Hey. So in my previous post i told you that i had an accident(you didn’t read it , did you? sigh…..) well i had a fracture. Yes a frigging FRACTURE. In my right shoulder. The doctor had me on a cast and i was to (well i was supposed to) not used my right hand for 2 months. And that why i could not write anything for the last month. There’s still a month time in which i have to wear a cast, but i sneakingly have forsaken it so that i  may update my blog. (sob, sob.)

So i was thinking about what should i write about. Then the world itself gave me an idea. There was supposed to be a function at our college . I couldn’t attend, of course. But the guys who attended it told me that how boring and tiresome it was. And then it reminded me of our school morning assemblies. Well i am not fully in support of roasting. But here we go.

First we had a morning prayer. it was okay by me as it was the only time of the day we used to remember god (and were able to play pranks while everybody had their eyes closed).

Image result for morning prayer funny

After it came the morning thought in which one guy would go on stage to say thought of the day. Only thing is, the guy who was supposed to say that didn’t knew or didn’t cared if anyone was able to hear him or not. He would just speak the memorized thing and succumb away form the stage, as though the stage had some firework that would go off if he spent some time on stage.

Image result for standing stage funny

Then would be one guy who would be there for poem dictation. Again the same thing. No one cared for the poem (sometimes not even the person speaking himself). He would mix words and try to get out of there fast enough to perhaps challenge Usian bolt. I remember a couple of times I was called on stage for the poem part. And you are talking to the guy who mixed the words and his poem was

“may the land of the solemn ratata”

“enough to enhance the fire”

“may dwell among the morning star”

“cause err… henry went to a bar”.

Yes believe it or not, i said this exact same thing in the morning assembly and no one, even the principle batted an eyelid. Some attention, huh?

Next came the news. I couldn’t understand the logic of it. If i wanted to read news, wouldn’t i find a newspaper? or a website? Why would i try to distinguish a sixth grader broken language to get my news?Why would i listen to some guy rumbling one liner news points when i could have more details in any nearby newspaper.

After that came the national anthem. We , as custom demanded , were made to stand still. and no doubt, we did that . But then came the final blow. After that sometimes we had the prize distribution ceremony, you know. The school had to rub it in our faces that there were some students who were winning prizes for the school and we were not. So we had to sit in scorching heat for half an hour while out school principal handed over the prizes . That was the day i learned how refreshing a drop of sweat can be if it hits just the right spot on your body. Why school, WHY?

And that was the end of out morning assembly.

Do comment about your school morning “rituals”.

P.S. I will try to write better and earlier next time.





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