Have a very Harry Experience.

Hello. i probably should say something about why i have not been posting too much lately.  You may think that i am lacking in certain regards about what i should write. Well You are probably correct. I am not timely. And never can i justify my wrongdoings. I can only offer an humble apology to you and provide you a quote that “Waiting is an sign of true love. Anyone can Say I love you but few can wait and prove it’s true.”(Wish i had wrote that one. nope just googled it . What i wrote was”waiting is an art. ….i am sorry…i will try better …..howdy!!” but decided against it. )


Well today i wanna immerse myself into magic written by J.K. Rowling. The fabulous Harry Potter series has a newest premium. Harry Potter And The Cursed Child.

It’s not a book but a play and is a lot less shorter than a book should be.(hell Frustrating.  p.s. i know hell does looks out of place with frustrating but i won’t use the f-word. “Kreacher won’t,won’t,won’t ….”…haha got you this time with my poetry.)

Well here’s a bit of the plot.(Spoilers ahead.) Harry Potter is now a Dad who tries too hard to act like a normal father to his second son Albus(and also heads Department of Ministry Law enforcement Department), who is sorted into Slytherin and has almost nothing in common with harry. Hermoine is Minister of Magic, Ron is the owner of Joke shop and Ginny writes in Daily Prophet. The story is over-ridden by how Harry’s son save the world.

Well all in all i think that it was a good one. Harry potter once again saves the world. What bugs me is that J.K. Rowling should have written a script when it easily could have been a book adaptation. And the second thing is that it does not have that much magic as Harry
potter demands, it had almost no new magical elements to support what could have been an awesome story line. I don’t know, this whole “just script” business sounds like a bad deal to us guys who grew up reading and believing in the magical world of harry potter.

I am not criticizing J.K. Rowling(who am i to do that?). She did a fantastic Job with this one and hope that she continues to bless us with more and more Harry Potter. But in the meanwhile, do feed us something magical please. There are fans waiting for you to write something, anything for us to devour.

Meanwhile I am Waiting for another spectacle by Harry Potter Universe. This one is a book adaptation. You would know about it.

Well this one promises to be a awesome fantasy. I am willing to let bygones because this thing here is going to great. I have seen the trailers and I seriously wanna say  “Wow.Thank You for early Christmas Present J.K. Rowling.” Don’t Miss this one.



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