Thank You Guys(No i am not going anywhere…)

Hey. I know it’s been quite some time since i wrote anything meaningful and am afraid that today’s not gonna be different.(pun intended) The thing is that I was searching for some ways to thank people in a polite manner.(not that i am usually not polite but i don’t lay my eyes for everyone). I suddenly remembered that there is a small liberal part of earth’s population that I really want to thank and have not done in all this time.  The thing is that this blog completed around a year and I have not thanked the only people who made it successful. (Actually 1 year, 3 months,24 days and around 8 hours. Yeah, the idea is “Don’t mess with me on my blog. grrrrr”)

So Today i want to do thank my Viewers/Readers/listeners for accepting me all this time, my followers for believing in me that i can write something that is worth reading again.

And the best way is a way composed of doing a bit of this and a bit of that.(serious pun intended)

So here is me saying a big Thank You for all your support and Your time. I know sometimes i am quite behind myself in  writing posts but i try hard not to be late(much).

Thank you. 


  • Thank you for your kind consideration.
  • Thank you for spending time with me.
  • Thank you for all your assistance.

And when you have some time to spare do write a comment or two. I like it when i get feedback , whether positive or negative.

And next time i will be back with more fun stuff. Stay tuned.




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